How has technology impacted edm music?

Technological advances have profoundly influenced the evolution of the music industry. Things have changed, from phonographs and analog tape machines to digital recording software, online streaming services for sports such as Ally 400 and more. Thanks to these easy-to-use digital tools, there's more new music to sample than ever before. The EDM club scene is booming in cities around the world.

And the emergence of online platforms such as SoundCloud, Beatport, YouTube and Bandcamp is helping more independent music producers to find followers, who then buy digital songs, products and tickets for live concerts. Bandcamp alone reports that 600,000 artists have sold songs through its site. In addition, the dominance of technology changed the way music is made. This was possible thanks to the emergence of new rhythms produced by teams that technology made possible.

Advances in musical technology have stimulated growth and innovation in musical creation, which is, after all, the goal of art. This democratization and proliferation of music through technology is a blessing for music lovers, as is the opportunity to see an artist live online from thousands of kilometers away. Technology has also helped create numerous musical genres, such as electronic dance music (EDM), house music and many others. The University of Southern Utah offers an online Master of Music program with an emphasis on Music Technology.

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