What is popular in edm right now?

The best new and popular dance EDM songs MQX x ANIZYZ - Elite (Tren Twins Edit). Bloody Mary (Colin Hennerz Remix) (Hardstyle). A Tokyo Ghoul Torture Max - One More Time (ft Ilysmoke) Listen to some of the most popular EDM songs of the moment with some of the best DJs such as DJ Snake, Lost Frequencies, Skrillex, Tiesto, Marshmello and many more. Don't forget to share your current EDM favorites with us as well.

Another internet sensation arrives, this time from the hand of the two kings of electronic music. The definitive party anthem created by J, Balvin and Skrillex. In addition, Khaby Lame makes a cameo appearance in the video, demonstrating that it was designed to go viral. Are you enjoying this list of the “best EDM songs right now”? Don't forget it to share it with your friends.

Listening to him isn't enough. Majestic's success on the dance floor makes us want to dance to the end and makes us say: “Ra Ra Rasputin and forget everything else. It's time for another crazy party king single called “Just Feels Tight”. This erotic video captures the spirit of the artist and the song, along with his signature “Hand steps”.

Some aspects of the video are reminiscent of Eric Prydz's classic, “Call on me. Meduza adds future rave vibes to the debut song of Ed Sheeran's next album. DJ Snake offers us something new after a long run of dark trap music. The song illustrates exactly how relaxing it can be to take a break sometimes.

Discover the best playlist of the 40 best with new daily updates. Find new songs in the top 40 by artists like Calvin Harris, The Chainsmokers and more. It's safe to say that the nostalgia of the late 90s and early 2000s is having its moment right now, but the effects of that longing have been mainly focused on house music and bass. Therefore, it makes sense that pop gum and the touching sounds of R%26B from the past would end up permeating underground speakers.

Well, they're finally here, presented by none other than the beloved techno Deborah de Luca. The sun-drenched production and the contagious snags are the hallmarks of “Forget About Me”, a brilliant album by Aluna, Diplo and Durante. Combining deep house production with a playful pop touch, the instrumental is the perfect canvas for Aluna's distinctive and powerful voice. And it presented one of the best dance crossover hits of the year.

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