What is the history of edm music?

EDM was born With the musical fusion of modernism, futurism and postmodernism, a new era of music was born. Delia Derbyshire was possibly the first electronic music producer and synthesizer of her time. His groundbreaking song “Doctor Who” and seminal 1969 album, “An Electronic Storm”, is recognized by many. The music industry through artists like Skrillex, a Grammy-winning EDM artist with dubstep, house, trap and more.

It was at this time that the American music industry and press were promoting the term EDM, trying to change the name of rave culture in the United States. The first sounds of electronic dance music that current EDM rave fans would recognize are those of techno music, house music, hardcore rave (hardstyle), dub, trance and drum and bass. Technically, EDM is its own genre under the broader umbrella of electronic music, rather than being a general term in and of itself.

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