How has streaming impacted edm music?

Twitch has become the vanguard of live broadcasting of musical performances and expressions during the pandemic. Twitch has provided opportunities to countless artists and communities within the electronic music industry and has allowed many artists to grow their current communities and reach new ones. Twitch has always been home to artists of all sizes who want to build their fanbase and interact with their fans on intimate levels. The environment that Twitch has helped to provide to artists and fans around the world has created an innovative and immersive experience; in doing so, it has left an enormous impact on the electronic music community.

Social networks and video streaming services allow artists to connect directly with their fans, reducing the need for costly public relations campaigns. In general, the digital era has led to a democratization of the music industry, improving opportunities for artists and professionals of many types. Insomniac TV is the most watched streaming music channel in the world, with an average of more than 12 million viewers per month with uninterrupted music from the world's most important artists. Later on, many music streaming platforms were introduced, and people like you can access millions of songs on a portable device and enjoy music.

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