How has streaming music affected the music industry?

More artist penetration The impact of streaming and social media on artist penetration has been phenomenal. Artists can interact directly with their audience, create songs and publish on all streaming platforms without the help of a manager or record label. Streaming companies have also had a major impact on the music industry as a whole, accounting for 83% of national revenues from the purchase of music. However, streaming is a relatively new format and the relationship between streaming services, record labels, musical artists and listeners is still developing.

Spotify brought about a revolutionary change in the music industry, meeting the needs of both the audience and the music industry with its innovative tactics. This means that the rate at which artists are paid depends not only on the number of times their own music is played, but also on the amount of music by other artists. iTunes made some changes to the contemporary music scene. There was a lot to do to change the mentality of an entire generation that believed in getting free music.

For years, he has been working on a proposal called the American Music Library, a taxpayer-funded streaming service that, at the same time, would act as a repository for all recorded music and would also guarantee free access to all listeners in the United States, as would the public library system. She is also the co-founder of Turning the Tables, the NPR Music series about how women and non-binary musicians focus on the musical canon.

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