Is edm not popular anymore?

There are still EDM festivals every year, there are still countless talented artists producing new EDM songs every day and there are still millions of EDM fans around the world. I mean, nowadays there are even EDM cruises. This genre is still far from dead, and there are a lot of good reasons why EDM is so popular. Some people believe that music works in 13-year cycles, and the era of the EDM record that topped the charts seemed destined not to last that long.

It took about half a decade for artists, labels and fans of conventional pop to lose interest in EDM, and the genre's popularity was undoubtedly affected by that. There's no doubt that EDM is one of the most popular genres in the world today, with countless artists and DJs producing new music, concerts and EDM festivals around the world. After decades of little attention, EDM finally became popular in the United States through Skrillex and also through the mix of American and British electronic music made by Calvin Harris. Commercial EDM music was created to be performed in front of a large crowd, to capture the listener's attention while playing on the radio and to suit the tastes of generic pop fans.

Sadly, the coronavirus pandemic paralyzed virtually every massive live music event in the world, and EDM festivals were no exception. The EDM genre is relatively new and has only been in existence for a few decades since it originated in the late 90s, but it has been a rapidly growing musical genre ever since. Avicii's songs, such as “Levels” and “Hey Brother”, became worldwide hits, established artists like Rihanna released EDM songs from textbooks, such as “We Found Love”, and even foreign groups such as LMFAO sold out their stadium tickets with EDM hits, such as “Party Rock Anthem”. While there is no doubt that other forms of electronic dance music will endure, progressive house EDM is far from its peak.

Techno, trance, and drum and bass are also excellent examples of electronic dance music that generally shouldn't be classified as Chainsmokers-style EDM. EDM stands for Electronic Dance Music, and the dominant genre of electronic dance music is far from dead. With all its infinite variety, the world of EDM has become an important part of the music scene in recent years, but it has also become increasingly fragmented and divided into microgenres and subgenres. Since EDM has not yet managed to infiltrate the major media in the United States, unlike other areas of the world, the Internet is the main medium for everything related to EDM.

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